Anime Limited release schedule includes Space Dandy

Space Dandy

The Space Dandy science fiction comedy about a dandy guy in space might have only just had its worldwide premiere this weekend just gone, but the huge international effort that saw the latest series from Studio BONES (Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater) and Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope) premiere in North America’s Toonami block before its Tokyo MX debut has really ramped the speed of the international release the series to warp speed. UK Anime retailer anime-on-line has updated its website with the latest confirmed release dates from distributor Anime Limited, which includes complete DVD and Blu-Ray collections for Space Dandy, which are slated for release on 24th November – that’s right, an anime that has only just started airing already has a UK release date announced. The standalone DVD release will include 4 artcards, the movie and the Parallel Works, while a separate release of them on blu-ray is being considered.

Another addition to the schedule is the much talked about Gurren Lagann: Gurren-den Edition, which launches on 2nd June as a blu-ray exclusive collector’s edition that retails for a whopping £149.99 (although the included extras will make it worth it!). For those of you not willing to spend that much though, regular, barebones DVD and Blu-Ray collections of the critically acclaimed series will be released on 20th October for about half of the price. The Gurren-den Edition will be limited to 2,000 units and will include a 50-page hardback artbook and every extra Anime Limited could get their hands on, including the Nintendo DS OVA (although some extras are still Japan exclusive)

Those are the juiciest of the new updates, but the full confirmed schedule is as follows:

  • 10th February 2014: Garden of Words (DVD and Blu-Ray)
  • 24th February: Outlaw Star Complete Collection (DVD), Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning (DVD/BD Combi-Pack)
  • 24th March: Durarara!!! Complete Set (DVD), Durarara!!! Limited Edition (Blu-Ray)
  • 28th April: Nerima Daikon Brothers Complete Collection (DVD)
  • 2nd June: Gurren Lagann: Gurren-dan Edition (Blu-ray)
  • 20th October 2014: Gurren Lagann Collector’s Edition Complete Collection (DVD), Gurren Lagann Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)
  • 24th November: Space Dandy Collector’s Edition Complete Collection

Anime Limited have also announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter next week for both the United Kingdom and United States for a title that fell through the cracks. Very interesting! Also, Escaflowne will be receiving an Ultimate Edition in 2014 as well.

Will you be buying any of these?


Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning due out next month

Tiger & Bunny The Beginning


Title: Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Format: DVD & Blu-Ray Combi-Pack

Distributor: Anime Limited

Back in September 2012, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, the first feature film and partial recap of Sunrise’s popular superhero anime, opened in Japanese cinemas and had a special UK screening at the BFI Southbank in London (which I attended). The film was absolutely brilliant – while retelling the story of the early episodes of the TV series, the movie had numerous new scenes that helped really flesh out the world of Sternbild and its heroes – I saw the movie with my older brother (who hadn’t seen the original series) and he loved it too.

I was excited when Anime Limited announced that they had obtained the home video rights to the movie, especially due to the relative absence in of Kazé UK (the licensor of the original TV anime) from the UK market. While initially scheduled for release this year, the movie had to unfortunately be delayed – but today Anime Limited took to Facebook to post the freshly approved pack-shots of the film, as well as to confirm that Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning will be released as a DVD/BD combi-pack in the United Kingdom before the end of January 2014!

While this film is a recap of the first few episodes (made plump and even more delicious with new additions) the next movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising is a sequel to the television series and will open in Japanese cinemas in February 2014.

I personally own all of KazéUK’s Tiger & Bunny releases (which are beautiful digi-packs) and will no doubt be picking up a copy of this movie when it is released!

Also, Dragon Kid is the best hero. Sorry, but it’s absolute fact. Not up for debate =3.

Animax UK officially replaces Anime On Demand

Animax Simulcasts

In April 2011, Viz Media Europe opened Anime On Demand, a streaming website dedicated to simulcasting a selection of Japanese anime to the United Kingdom and Ireland as they aired in Japan. Anime On Demand was responsible for giving British and Irish fans their first look at hit titles like Steins;GateTiger & Bunny and some of my personal favourites like Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (which is receiving a second season next month) and Tamako Market.

In October, Viz Media Europe and Sony teamed up to launch Animax UK, a new anime streaming service for the United Kingdom. When many people saw that a lot of Anime On Demand’s back-catalogue was available on the service and reflected on the inactivity of Anime On Demand, it became clear – but now it’s official. Today, Anime On Demand have announced that they have officially been replaced by Animax UK. Existing Anime On Demand users who use the discount code AOD-NOW-ANIMAX can get a 2 week free trial and 50% off their first month of the Animax service.

Animax UK offers not only TV anime catalogue titles like Bleach, Black Lagoon and Death Note, but also movies such as Berserk and Mardock Scramble – as well as simulcast titles including Beyond the Boundary and Coppelion! If you want to give Animax a try, then why not pop over to their website

Wii U Karaoke adds Japanese songs, including some anime themes.

Wii Karaoke U anime

Have you tried the Wii Karaoke U app on Nintendo’s Wii U console? Or maybe you’re like me and don’t even try because the one time you sang in the shower, you were yelled at to shut up. Anyways, Nintendo have recently added some Japanese songs to their already large database and as you can expect, as well as featuring songs by idol groups like AKB48, the list of new songs includes various tracks that were used in numerous anime series’. Will you be brave enough to try and sing along to any of these:

A Certain Scientific Railgun:
only my railgun – fripSide

Aoi shiori – Galileo Galilei

Brave Story:
Ketsui no asani – Aqua Timez

Captain Tsubasa:
Moete HERO – Takemoto Takayuki/Ogai Youk

City Hunter:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion / R2:
Mozaikukakera – SunSet Swish
O2 ORANGE RANGE – alexis
Yuukyou seishunka – ALI PROJECT

Digimon Adventures:
Butter-Fly – Wada Kouji

Doraemon no uta Yamano Satoko

DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku DAN DAN – Field of View
Dragon Soul – Tanimoto Takayoshi
Maka fushigi ADVENTURE! – Takahashi Hiroki
WE GOTTA POWER – Kageyama Hironobu

Galaxy Express 999:
Ginga tetsudou 999 – Sasaki Isao/Suginami jidou

Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
Os uchujin – Erio o kamattechan

Zan-nen kei rinjinbu – Tomodachi tsukuritai

Yasashisa no riyuu – ChouCho

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere:
TERMINATED – Chihara Minori

Infinite Stratos:
STRAIGHT JET – Kuribayashi Minami

Go! Go! Maniac – Houkago TEA TIME
Listen!! – Houkago TEA TIME

Lovely Complex:
KISS -kaerimichi no LOVE SONG – Tegomasu

HANAJI – Kobayashi Yu

Mazinger Z:
Majinga Z – Mizuki Ichirou

Omoide ga ippai – H2O

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED:
Annani issho dattanoni – See-Saw

Yellow Moon – Akeboshi

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind:
Kaze no tani no Naushika – Yasuda Narumi

One Piece:
Kokoro no chizu – BOYSTYLE
One day – The ROOTLESS
Share The World – Touhoushinki
WE ARE! – Kitadani Hiroshi
WE GO! – Kitadani Hiroshi

Sailor Moon:
Moonlight Densetsu – Dali

Saint Seiya:

Samurai X:
San-bun no ichi no junjou na kanjou – SIAM Shade
Sobakasu – JUDY AND MARY

Sgt. Frog:
Kero! To MARCH – Kakuda Nobuaki & Ihata Juri

Soreike! Anpanman:
Anpan-man no MARCH – DREAMING

Tiger & Bunny:

Tales of the Abyss:
Bouken suisei – Enomoto Kurumi

Gatsu Gatsu!! – Kushida Akira

Zatch Bell!:
Kasabuta – Chiwata Hirdenori