Sword Art Online II to air in 2014!

Sword Art Online II

A-1 Pictures’ anime adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online light novel series was easily one of the most successful anime of 2012, spawning a fandom that spreads across the entire globe (courtesy of a simulcast by Crunchyroll) as well as numerous manga series’ and even a couple of video games in its native Japan – in fact, Yen Press have even announced that starting in April, they will start to release the series’ original light novels, something which is extremely rare in the western anime/manga industry.

The story of players of virtual reality games being trapped in the game, with the threat of death in the game world equalling real death is not a new concept, but the series gained praise for its writing, with critics pointing out its insight on the psychological and sociological aspects of a mass multiplayer online game.

It wasn’t very surprising then, that at the end of the highly anticipated Sword Art Online: Extra Edition special that was simulcast globally today, that an announcement was made for Sword Art Online II, which would begin broadcasting in 2014. The official announcement teaser can be seen on the official website.

The original TV anime was released on DVD in North America by AniplexUSA and is currently being released in the United Kingdom by Manga Entertainment UK.