Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning due out next month

Tiger & Bunny The Beginning


Title: Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Format: DVD & Blu-Ray Combi-Pack

Distributor: Anime Limited

Back in September 2012, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, the first feature film and partial recap of Sunrise’s popular superhero anime, opened in Japanese cinemas and had a special UK screening at the BFI Southbank in London (which I attended). The film was absolutely brilliant – while retelling the story of the early episodes of the TV series, the movie had numerous new scenes that helped really flesh out the world of Sternbild and its heroes – I saw the movie with my older brother (who hadn’t seen the original series) and he loved it too.

I was excited when Anime Limited announced that they had obtained the home video rights to the movie, especially due to the relative absence in of Kazé UK (the licensor of the original TV anime) from the UK market. While initially scheduled for release this year, the movie had to unfortunately be delayed – but today Anime Limited took to Facebook to post the freshly approved pack-shots of the film, as well as to confirm that Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning will be released as a DVD/BD combi-pack in the United Kingdom before the end of January 2014!

While this film is a recap of the first few episodes (made plump and even more delicious with new additions) the next movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising is a sequel to the television series and will open in Japanese cinemas in February 2014.

I personally own all of KazéUK’s Tiger & Bunny releases (which are beautiful digi-packs) and will no doubt be picking up a copy of this movie when it is released!

Also, Dragon Kid is the best hero. Sorry, but it’s absolute fact. Not up for debate =3.


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