Holy crud, how long has it been?

So sorry for not posting much at all for the last….4-5 months? Things have just been really hectic these last few months with numerous developments (some good, some bad).

The Bad:

– I was left feeling that I had no choice but to resign from my job due to the behaviour of the person who was supposed to be my mentor. Since then, I have been trying to find more work (to no avail).

– I had a good month or two where my laptop was broken due to a random keyboard issue. All fixed now though!

The Good:

– Some of you might know that I am the Editor of a Nintendo fan-website “WiiUAndMii.com” – recently, the website has started to gain the attention of major video game publishers, including Nintendo themselves. Me and another writer even had press passes for this year’s EuroGamer Expo! In the run up to major game launches like Pokémon X and Y, this has meant that I have had to dedicate a lot of my time to writing about that (or else I’ll get emails from companies asking why I hadn’t!).

– I have also been working with Nintendo’s community side in running local “StreetPass” events – this has meant that I have had to organise monthly events for Nintendo enthusiasts to meet up and play games.


So yeah, I’m going to try to update a lot more now and now is the perfect time, now that we’re in new anime season! Sorry for the silence!


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